The app that we crafted in spare time to learn new skills and win prizes.

Developed for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, Photom allowed us to master distribution channels such as Social Media Marketing, Display Networks, Paid Ads and PR.

The effect: app built from scratch that reached the user base of 160k in a year.

Technologies used: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, web development, design


One of the most popular discount app in Poland, available on all smartphones.

Our team designed and developed a mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, making it easy to use and beautiful.

Technologies used: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, design



uBirds is not a smart watch. It is a smart strap.

Connect your regular watch with a dedicated mobile app, simply turning it into a smart watch. Super easy, super cool.

We developed an app for that, which runs on Android devices.

Technologies used: Java, Android SDK, Bluetooth Low Energy


Shine (RWE)

In Germany they know how to take renewable energy to the next level.

We developed a brand new web app for easyOptimize called Shine, a service dedicated to buyers and prosumers of solar energy.

We provided web development and SEO optimisation, quite literally making the site shine.

Technologies used: web development, SEO



A dating app for people who don’t like dating apps? Wait, how is that even possible?

We loved the idea so much that we had to work on this project.

The effect: a new dating experience on mobile devices, based on your location, helping “Antidaters” to meet in real life, faster.

We were responsible for iOS development, backend, and API implementation.

Technologies used: Backend, API, iOS



Do you read it on mobile? Then this app is for you!

We designed and developed mobile applications for the online magazines at one of the biggest publishing houses in Poland – Agora S.A. The apps provide clean design and flow, making the user reading experience even better on mobile devices.

Technologies: user research, iOS, Android



One of the most successful Polish startups on Kickstarter, intended for swimming sport-tracking.

We were responsible for a mobile application development.


iOS SDK, Parse SDK, Core Bluetooth, HealthKit, Facebook SDK, Twitter SDK


Polska Stacja

multi device development

Mobile app for an online music experience.

We redesigned and redeveloped a mobile application for one of the biggest Polish internet radio stations, with lots of thematic channels.

The app is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows and provides a great user experience for online music lovers.

Technologies used: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, design